I was recently interviewed by Michele Elmas - Hardy for the Dynamic Business Women Podcast on the topic of using the media to raise your profile.

This was a great interview where we spoke about how to use PR to get noticed by the media and how to build your profile as an expert as well as my book From Unknown To Expert.

In the interview I discuss why businesswomen need to raise their profile in order to stand out from their competitors and get noticed by their customers.

I also share how to raise your profile by using the media to tell your stories, gain credibility and build trust with your target customers.

Getting a story published by the media can seem like an almost impossible task to many however, preparing yourself with the right PR tools and information can help you gain media coverage (which is free) and get ahead of your competitors.

The show highlights included:

  • How to get media coverage and where to start?
  • The secrets to creating your successful PR/media pitch strategy and pitching your stories
  • What is considered newsworthy
  • How to pitch yourself as an expert to journalists so they call on you for interviews, quotes and comments
  • Effective ways of getting interviewed
  • Tips on how to contact journalists directly

You can watch the video of the interview below.

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