Sometimes you get signs. You know what I mean. You’re thinking of someone and they call, or decide to catch the train to work to find out later you missed massive traffic jams.

This happens to me too. I was thinking about treating myself to a safari to celebrate 15 years in business. (Yes. 15 years. Crazy. What a ride it’s been).

I got caught up with life and I didn’t organise anything. I was thinking it’s all too hard…and then I got an invitation to the DELL Women’s Entrepreneur Summit in…wait for it…Cape Town, South Africa.

Crazy hey? So of course I went to the Summit and it was incredible, and then I went on my safari which was a dream come true.

Coincidence? I’m not sure. But I do know it’s about making the most of opportunities. As my Dad says, “You just make it happen and reap the rewards of being one of those free spirits.”

And that’s what I think about with my last 15 years. Being in business can be hard. You don’t make the 15 year mark by cruising along, you’ve got to make it happen.

And you get signs too.

It’s been two years since I released my book, From Unknown To Expert , and launched the online business associated with the book. While I was away I was wondering what my next move will be. Does anyone even read my emails I spend so much time thinking about and writing? Do people still find my book useful?

Then when I got back home I went shopping with my sister (actually we went to the playground with my nephew, and accidentally went clothes shopping on the way. Oops!).

We were trying things on, chatting away and Jo said “Catriona, do you like this dress?”. The shop assistant said “You’re not Catriona Pollard are you?”…. “Um yes”…. “I didn’t recognise you, but I recognised your voice and name.”

(Didn’t recognise me? Unwashed hair in messy bun, no makeup, no sleep for a week from insane jetlag…and dressed for the playground. Not really my best look!).

We had a wonderful conversation. She shared with me how often she has used my book, shares it with people, loves my emails, watches my videos and interviews. So thank you Anna Franklin. You were my sign to keep telling my stories and sharing my expertise.

So here’s to wonderful people, beautiful experiences, spotlight moments and listening to signs. I’ve learnt so much about myself over the last 15 years, and of course, about running a business. The future is so bright.






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Catriona Pollard

From Unknown To Expert
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: How taking notice of signs helps build your career and business. @CatrionaPollard

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