In my book, From Unknown To Expert, the last chapter is called ‘Own The Light’ where I challenge you to be a media broadcaster and learn that you can be your own media platform where you control your brand, stories and content.

This week this concept was beautifully illuminated by the latest Eddie McGuire saga.

Did you know that the whole story come to the media’s (and nation’s) attention by The Outer Sanctum AFL podcasters? Amazing.

From a suburban home in Melbourne, every Thursday morning six women sit around a table and talk about what they are passionate about – AFL. (For non-Australians, AFL is code for football!)

What’s so interesting about this podcast is they talk footie but also discuss other AFL stories that don’t usually get covered by mainstream sports media. These include cultural aspects like women and LGBTIQ+ issues.

When Eddie McGuire and his co-commentators made disparaging comments about The Age sports editor, Caroline Wilson, it was one of the podcasters who noticed it as a short news story in an industry outlet.

They were surprised and disappointed that it didn’t appear anywhere else. They discussed it on their podcast and alerted another podcaster.

The story quickly gained momentum and was taken up by mainstream media and became the talking point across Australia from the Prime Minister to the local café barista.

So it took a group of non-sanctioned, unofficial sports media to bring this story to the nation’s attention. We literally would not have had that story if it wasn’t for The Outer Sanctum AFL podcast.

Using social media allows you to communicate directly with your audiences – unfiltered by anyone else, including the media. You decide what is a story, what gets published or broadcast and the medium that works for you.

So what are you passionate about? What stories do you want to share with your audiences? You have the power to be a media broadcaster, where you choose the messages and your platforms. You own the light.






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Catriona Pollard

From Unknown To Expert
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: How podcasters started a national story and you can too by becoming your own broadcaster @CatrionaPollard


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