Online influencers are awesome. Why? Because they have massive communities that you can tap into if you’re clever and the real deal.

By all means create your own community but while you are doing that think about the online influencers who speak to the same audience as you and have already built up an online following.

How awesome would it be to have these people sharing your content?

They could be bloggers in your space, commentators, other businesses or even industry thought leaders

Here are some tips to consider when pitching yourself and your content to online influencers:

Understand their needs
Research thoroughly and extensively to find out who is actually influencing online conversations in your industry, and then find out what you or your business could offer them that they will love.

Take online conversations offline
I’m not saying this will work every time, but once you’ve contacted your online influencers, why not invite them out for a coffee or a lunch to get to know them better? Or you could invite them to your next event, product launch, or conference to teach them more about your business and offerings.

Share the love
Make your influencers feel special by:

  • Linking to articles they have recently written through your social media channels.
  • Mentioning them in your social media posts, re-tweeting them on Twitter and responding to them on Facebook.
  • Sending them exclusive information such as media releases or new product information.

The type of content that online influencers might be interested in include an expert article for their blog, product reviews, product giveaways for competitions and special offers just for their community.

Many influencers are super busy, but if you have great content and approach them in a respectful way, then who knows what could happen. You won’t know unless you try!







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Catriona Pollard
From Unknown To Expert
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