I love taking photos, particularly of sunsets, sunrises and my art. And what’s a photo if it isn’t shared? That’s why I love Instagram.

A few years ago I was walking through Rome wishing I knew which art galleries the locals love. Then I remembered I had an Insta friend who lived in Rome.

I took a photo, uploaded it to Instagram and tagged him. He added a comment listing his favourite galleries and so I went to a gallery which is now one of my all time favourites – Galleria Borghese.

While it’s virtually impossible to get 42 million Insta followers like Beyonce, I certainly think it’s worth considering when building your platform as an expert.

Here are my top three tips for how you can start using Instagram:

Take great photos

Great photos will get likes and comments, so share images or videos that will interest the people that matter to you.

Be selective about what photos you add as great profiles stick to a niche. Try to add photos that reveal a bit of character and personality.

Learn the hashtag language

The Instagram language is all about hashtags. Users search by hashtags so adding the right ones to your photo can make it much more visible and reach new followers. Research and use the popular hashtags that relate to your expertise.

My tip on how to get followers

I have found that just following people doesn’t necessary mean they will follow you back. I realised that I needed to find engaged people. I went onto the profiles of people similar to me, found the photos that were most liked, and then followed the people that did the liking. That was instantly successful for finding new followers. Engaged people follow you back.

If you love taking photos and haven’t got into Instagram, maybe there is a whole platform and community just waiting for you.







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Catriona Pollard
From Unknown To Expert
CP Communications

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