On Monday night, I was interviewed by a UK podcaster and at the end of the conversation he asked if I knew any other entrepreneurs he could interview. Um…yes!

Podcasts are such a great avenue to move from unknown to recognised expert. And do you know what is fantastic about podcasters? They need content, all the time. If their show is weekly, they must find somebody to interview every single week. And you can be that person.

Here are my tips for getting interviewed on a podcast.

Get interviewed on your topic
Research podcasters on the topics that relate to your expertise. I do heaps of interviews on entrepreneurship and transformation – all of the topics that relate to ‘From Unknown To Expert’.

I don’t just stick to my country…I sell all around the world so I do interviews in Australia, US, UK and India.

Pitch your story and expertise to them
While I do get approached by podcasters to be interviewed, I also approach them. The pitch I use is similar to the media pitch outlined in Star 4, Tactic 2: ‘The Perfect Pitch’ in ‘From Unknown To Expert’.

How to contact them
In your research you will have noted their contact details. If there is an email address, use that. Many don’t have email addresses, so you will need to upload your pitch via an online contact form. Alternatively, I have also contacted podcasters via Twitter.

I’ve shared my expertise with tens of thousands of people through podcasts; people I couldn’t reach otherwise. Now I’d love you to do the same.







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Catriona Pollard
From Unknown To Expert
CP Communications

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