I was recently interviewed by Tegan Mathews for the Fearless Females show. In this interview, I talked about when I realised how much my fear of public speaking was costing me and the steps I did to overcome it.

As I discussed with Tegan, from a young age I have always been afraid of being the centre of attention. But it wasn’t until I started building my profile within my industry that I realised I had to face my fears.

I also spoke about what it was like when I took the first step in overcoming my fears; how facing my fear of public speaking has changed my life; how after hundreds and hundreds of presentations, my TEDx talk managed to break down my lack of confidence and fear of failure. We also discussed my passions, inspirations and the future.

Listen to the interview below.

Fearless Females - public speaking

The podcast highlights include:

  • How I created a business shining the spotlight on other people’s stories.
  • When I realised how much my fear of public speaking was costing me.
  • What I did to overcome my fears.
  • The day I discovered it was about the impact I could have on others by sharing my stories and expertise.
  • How my TEDx talk triggered my fear of public speaking and what I did about it.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.






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