“PR can be the difference between getting that next client, or not getting that next client. Or building that reputation for you and to your organisation. It doesn’t just happen that people know what you do and what you stand for.”

This is what I discussed in a podcast with Beth Buelow from The Introverted Entrepreneur. Below is the interview transcript where you can read about how PR has changed throughout time, and how it can be used to build trust, credibility and reputation.

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The power of public relations

Catriona: Public relations is essentially communicating your messages through whatever channels you need to. To the people that matter to you. When I started out in PR so many years ago, I vividly remember being the account executive at an agency and standing in the hallway, standing at the fax machine. I was sending a media release and had to just stand there and physically fax one media release out at a time to every single media outlet. It is so vastly different now. That's the thing for entrepreneurs to understand. The media landscape has changed so significantly. PR has become even more important for them to understand and to do.

I know this for myself, and I know it for the thousands of people that I've worked with. PR can be the difference between getting that next client or not getting that next client, or building that reputation for you and to your organisation. It doesn’t just happen that people know what you do and what you stand for. With public relations, you really need to understand that you're in control of your messages.

You have stories to tell whether they're personal stories or professional stories. When you start telling them, people start listening to them and they start developing their relationship with you. That's what you want because people do business with brands and people that they trust. With PR you are building that trust.

Beth: I appreciate that as you're saying that the PR function builds relationships. I think of marketing as a little bit more transactional whereas public relations, I mean if you look at the word relations it's very connected to relationships.

Catriona: Yes, it absolutely is. And what you’re doing is pitching story ideas to a journalist who is going to be the person to write your story. You are getting a trusted third party to tell a story about you or your business and your products and services.

Then people will trust that story more because they were reading about it as opposed to seeing ads that aren’t developing that trust. Ads are purely about promotion and visibility. With PR it’s deeper than that.

What you're doing is getting people to form an opinion about you or to form an idea that they feel connected to you in some way. They will then want to do business with you, or want to come and hear you speak, or want to research you more. They are absolutely developing a relationship with you.

Listen to the entire podcast here.






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