“Figuring out the ‘why’ is, really, understanding why you actually want to do this because moving from unknown to expert is difficult.”

In an interview with Beth Buelow in The Introverted Entrepreneur podcast, I talk about asking ‘why?’ and how it can help with any project you’re working on. Below is a transcript of the interview providing you with a more detailed description of the importance of asking ‘why?’.

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The power of asking ‘why?’

Catriona: The Unknown To Expert Five Star System is a system that I developed on my journey from unknown, sitting in my sun room in my rented apartment wishing that I had a successful business, to known. It’s the same steps I do for my clients. It's a proven system that I believe in, and that I know works.

The first star is figuring out the ‘why’. I think this is really important for introverts, but I think it's more important for extroverts, because it's not just the doing. It's the contemplation. It's the thinking before hand, which I think is really important because we all have a place to make the world a little bit better. If we were just putting messages out there that don't make any sense or don't contribute in any way, then I'm not really sure if it's worth doing.

Figuring out the ‘why’ is understanding why you actually want to do this, because moving from unknown to expert is difficult. It's challenging. It forces you to step outside your comfort zone, especially as an introvert. It forces you to look at your messaging, maybe be the centre of attention, maybe get up on stage, and maybe do that journalist interview.

I think particularly if you're an introvert, it's finding that motivation so that you can be that centre of attention. Although, if you're doing it just to get sales, and just to promote your business, I think that people will recognise that. They will see that it's not from a deep and more profound place. That star one is really, ‘why are you doing it?’

Beth: Yes, that's so key.

Catriona: I often say to people, once you've written that down, stick it up where you can see, or put it on your screen saver. So when you're about to do something that's really scary or challenging, go back and have a look at that and say "okay this is why I'm doing it and get up on that stage."

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