It’s the chicken and egg scenario so many new businesses face. You need sales to get off the ground but don’t have the funds for big advertising and marketing campaigns.

You’re clever enough to know you need credibility and a great reputation to make sales but have none because you’re just starting out.

Not a great place to be!

This is where public relations comes in. It’s one of the most affordable and effective ways of quickly building momentum that can lead to sales.

Tech start-up DiffuzeHR starting working with me because they wanted to establish themselves as a recognised leader in cloud-based HR systems within the SME sector in Australia. They wanted to quickly get new clients and grow the business.

Telling stories
DiffuzeHR realised that if they invested in positioning the brand and its key spokespeople as thought leaders and the ‘go-to-source’ for comment on HR systematisation, this would build their profile quickly.

Have something to say
How do you build a thought leader? There is no need to be controversial but key spokespeople have to be prepared to share their opinions and expertise.

Part of the PR strategy for DiffuzeHR involved offering the CEO and founder’s opinions on key issues in the SME industry, HR, technology, and workplace compliance.

Tailored media angles based on changes in the industry, trends in HR and technology and DiffuzeHR’s business story to demonstrate the company’s authority, were pitched to targeted business, HR and industry publications.

Putting pen to paper
A number of expert articles were ghost written for key DiffuzeHR spokespeople. These were pitched to and published in various media outlets their audiences read.

In just six months, over 40 pieces of media coverage, by-lined articles and interviews in key media outlets were secured in Australian media.

Not only did the PR we got for them greatly increase the visibility and reputation of DiffuzeHR, it also resulted in new sales opportunities.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to action your PR strategy to grow your own profile and business.






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Catriona Pollard

From Unknown To Expert
CP Communications

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: From unknown to sales. How PR helped DiffuzeHR grow their business and drive sales. @CatrionaPollard


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