When I worked from home, I vividly remember walking out my front door into a freezing cold rainy night to go to a networking event.

All I wanted to do was stay at home, but I’d made the commitment to network at least every week to build my business.

It paid off.  I grew my business by 80% in just two years just from networking alone.

Over that time I figured out how to network successfully and has put together all of my tips into the FREE Personal Branding Secret Weapon: NETWORKING Resource Guide with bonus list of over 500 Networking Groups.

Your Personal Branding Secret Weapon: Networking Resource Guide

Here are my top 5 networking tips:

  1. It's not about you
    Successful networkers take the time to listen so they can find out about others and see how they can help. Good networking based on reciprocity builds long-term relationships.
  2. Know who you are
    People whose personal branding is very clear and whose actions and words reflect that branding are the most successful networkers.
  3. Choose the right networking opportunity
    It pays to network with many different people, from potential clients, to industry peers and community groups. Networking is not just about who you meet and connect with, but also about who those connections may refer you to.
  4. Always follow up
    Networking doesn’t finish when you leave the event with a handful of new contacts; this is just the beginning of the relationship. Connect with the people you meet at events via LinkedIn, social media, email or phone and put work into building that relationship for the long term.
  5. Be a connector
    In the same way you hope others will remember you because you’ve left them with a clear impression of what you do, great networkers always refer their contacts for new opportunities. Remember, it’s not always about you and giving referrals will pay dividends down the track.

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