I was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald about why adults need to make time to play. I’m a big believer in play and it’s certainly helped in creating more innovation, engagement and joy for me both personally and professionally.

(And no, the journalist didn’t wake up this morning and think I might interview Catriona about playing today. That only happens if you’re Barrack Obama. I pitched an interesting media angle to her and she liked the idea and organised to interview me. You should do that same thing on topics that you are passionate about. Seriously. Do it today.)

For me, slowing down and playing more has been the key to my health and happiness. As children we play in an unstructured way, but as adults our play tends to be competitive and goal orientated. That really sucks, as unstructured play fuels your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and emotional well-being. Who doesn’t want that!

Here are four reasons why you should be slowing down and playing more:

1. Your stress levels go down

Play is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins. Having a hobby where you can sit down for a few hours and block out the constant noise of society can work wonders for your mental health and stress levels.

2. Stimulate your mind

Engaging in slow and creative activities has been proven to benefit the brain by working both hemispheres. We need to actively tap into logic and problem solving, but also the creative and imaginative side of our minds.

3. Work is more fun and innovative

Play at work encourages us to take more creative risks and think more innovatively. I know from personal experience that it increases energy and prevents burnout. It helps you see problems in new ways.

4. You form stronger connections with the world around us

Play helps with reconnecting to moments in time. We are so disconnected from nature in this digital world that we’re barely pay attention to what’s around us. Moments are missed because we are more concerned with the iPhone in our hand, than simple moments of joy.

Last Sunday I spent the morning finger painting with my nephew. That moment in time was so simple, joyful and colourful it was unforgettable. There was no construct around the perfect artwork… was all about play.

What are you going to do to create more play in your life and business?







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Catriona Pollard
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