How to get free publicity [Podcast]

Recently I was interviewed by Arabelle Yee for her Collective Alchemy Podcast for female entrepreneurs where I shared my tips on how to get free publicity for solopreneurs and start-ups.

You can watch the podcast below.

This was an insightful interview that focused on how to use PR and social media to elevate your message, increase your [...]

Getting inside the mind of a journalist

There can be times when you know you have a great story, know it would be perfect for a certain outlet; so how can you get a journalist to read your media release over the hundreds they get in their inbox every day?

I took this question to one of Australia’s most respected and prolific [...]

Using the media to raise your profile [podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Michele Elmas - Hardy for the Dynamic Business Women Podcast on the topic of using the media to raise your profile.

This was a great interview where we spoke about how to use PR to get noticed by the media and how to build your profile as an expert as [...]

Tips for creating a thought leadership video

Video is an excellent medium to use when looking to share your expertise and build your profile.

Viewers are not only more likely to engage with visual content; they are also able to make a personal connection with you by watching your videos.

Filming your own series of videos ensures you have complete control over your [...]

TEDx Talk: Being open to 'yes'


Click below to watch my talk at TEDx Macquarie University called Being Open to 'Yes'.

Get inspired by my TEDx Talk – Being Open To Yes

No matter if you are an introvert, extrovert or something in between, many of us struggle to move from the shadows into the spotlight. Being open to ‘Yes’ enables us [...]

How to make a freelance journalist fall in love with you

I recently had the pleasure to speak with renowned freelance journalist Nina Hendy while I was in Hobart presenting a workshop on social media.

In this interview I ask her:

What’s the difference between a freelance journalist and a staff journalist?
What is an exclusive pitch and why do freelance journalists love them?
What kinds of pitches really [...]

5 Lessons I learned from creating a video a day for a month

Last month I decided to challenge myself and move out of my comfort zone and participate in the #Vidtember video challenge. #Vidtember was started by the online entrepreneur Chris Ducker and he challenged his tribe to create 30 videos in 30 days.

I knew I had a huge block around doing video, because every time [...]

TV interview tips: How to rock a TV interview

While I was launching From Unknown To Expert in the US and speaking at the DELL Women’s Entrepreneurs Network annual conference, I was interviewed by CNBC-TV18.

The interview was after I delivered a workshop for four hours, and it was an extended feature interview so I really had to find my second wind and draw [...]