Thought Leadership

Do we really need to live with passion and purpose?

There is so much written and shared about how we have to live and strive for passion and purpose, and I don’t necessarily agree. I see passion and purpose as ways of informing our lives.

I think we can live adequate, happy lives just hanging out. Doing what we do each day. And I think [...]

How to go from Unknown to Expert [podcast]

In a recent interview with Caroline Kennedy for the podcast The Honest CEO, I discussed where it all began and how to go from unknown to expert.

In this podcast, I share where and how my personal and professional journey began. This involved sharing how I overcame my fears and self-doubt and how I put [...]

My favourite podcast interviews

I love doing podcasts. Not my own…but being interviewed on other people’s podcasts. I find them super easy to do. I don’t need to do too much prep, put on makeup, or even leave my office. That’s a win, win, win!

And do you know what is fantastic about podcasters? They need content, all the [...]

Signs, jetlag and celebrating 15 years in business

Sometimes you get signs. You know what I mean. You’re thinking of someone and they call, or decide to catch the train to work to find out later you missed massive traffic jams.

This happens to me too. I was thinking about treating myself to a safari to celebrate 15 years in business. (Yes. 15 [...]

Key questions to build your expertise story

A few weeks ago I ran the very first Unknown To Expert Mastermind session. While I’ve taught thousands of people about personal branding, media and social media – I really wanted to sit in a room and go deep into personal branding and story development with a small group of passionate people. In my [...]

How a podcast triggered the Eddie McGuire saga

In my book, From Unknown To Expert, the last chapter is called ‘Own The Light’ where I challenge you to be a media broadcaster and learn that you can be your own media platform where you control your brand, stories and content.

This week this concept was beautifully illuminated by the latest Eddie McGuire saga.

Did [...]

Having a voice and the power of yes [podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Monica Kade from The Moment HQ where I discussed why it’s important to have a voice and the power of saying yes.

In this podcast I share how being an introvert has helped me grow personally and professionally. This involved sharing my personal experiences on how overcoming introversion, using intuition [...]

It’s time to stop running on autopilot

My parents visited me the other day. Often we go for lunch or coffee, but it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon so we went for a stroll. As we walked my parents remarked on houses, and fences, and trees...a running commentary on our walk.

I have walked past these houses, fences and trees many times [...]

Overcoming fear of public speaking [podcast]

“The first presentation I did I was in tears. I seriously didn’t think I could do it...It was a self-limiting belief, it was not true. I could do it.”

In an interview with Beth Buelow from The Introverted Entrepreneur podcast, I talk about overcoming my fear of public speaking. Below is the interview transcript where [...]

How to get the most out of a ho hum event

I go to lots of workshops and conferences, and I must say some are pretty ho hum when it comes to content. It is so disappointing when this happens – and let’s not even mention when the speaker turns up late or is disorganised.

So how can you get your money’s – and time – [...]