How to handle rejection in business and life

We all have experienced rejection in our lives. It’s a part of life.

It could be missing out on winning a new client you really wanted, being passed up for a promotion or not getting a second date with that cute guy/girl you went out to dinner with last weekend.

I’m not sure there is a [...]

How to transition from an unknown to expert in your business (podcast)

I was recently interviewed by Nicole Holland for the Business Building Rockstar show on how to transition from an unknown to expert in your business.

In this interview, I share my history as a public relations practitioner, how I overcame personal and societal pressures, as well as my self-growth and ability to understand that it’s [...]

Random acts of kindness

I’ve been thinking about kindness lately. How it relates to our lives and how we can actively use it in business.

I was listening to Linda Burney speak the other day at the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards. If you don’t know her, she is the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to the Australian House [...]

How to go from Unknown to Expert [podcast]

In a recent interview with Caroline Kennedy for the podcast The Honest CEO, I discussed where it all began and how to go from unknown to expert.

In this podcast, I share where and how my personal and professional journey began. This involved sharing how I overcame my fears and self-doubt and how I put [...]

Step into the spotlight [podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Shelley Rogers from Maxum Corp for her Inspiring Greatness podcast where I discussed my journey from unknown to expert and stepping into the spotlight.

In this podcast, I share about my passion in social media, public relations and business and how I used them to build my career. This involved [...]

How publicity helped DiffuzeHR build momentum

It’s the chicken and egg scenario so many new businesses face. You need sales to get off the ground but don’t have the funds for big advertising and marketing campaigns.

You’re clever enough to know you need credibility and a great reputation to make sales but have none because you’re just starting out.

Not a great [...]

How a podcast triggered the Eddie McGuire saga

In my book, From Unknown To Expert, the last chapter is called ‘Own The Light’ where I challenge you to be a media broadcaster and learn that you can be your own media platform where you control your brand, stories and content.

This week this concept was beautifully illuminated by the latest Eddie McGuire saga.

Did [...]

The power of PR to build trust and reputation [podcast]

“PR can be the difference between getting that next client, or not getting that next client. Or building that reputation for you and to your organisation. It doesn’t just happen that people know what you do and what you stand for.”

This is what I discussed in a podcast with Beth Buelow from The Introverted [...]

How to get the most out of a ho hum event

I go to lots of workshops and conferences, and I must say some are pretty ho hum when it comes to content. It is so disappointing when this happens – and let’s not even mention when the speaker turns up late or is disorganised.

So how can you get your money’s – and time – [...]

How to stop people from copying your work

I opened my Facebook feed the other day and saw an image of a sculpture. Instantly I was taken aback as it was identical to one of my own unique pieces. Someone had copied my exact design, and was selling them on her website. I know the person quite well, and was shocked that [...]