Public Speaking

3 tips for rocking your elevator statement

Ever get stuck when asked what you do? Recently I had a journalist email us to let us know that an interview we had set up for him was a disaster. He said the interviewee couldn’t articulately describe what his company did.

The journalist had to interpret the responses, and it resulted in incorrect information [...]

Facing your fear of public speaking [podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Tegan Mathews for the Fearless Females show. In this interview, I talked about when I realised how much my fear of public speaking was costing me and the steps I did to overcome it.

As I discussed with Tegan, from a young age I have always been afraid of being [...]

Podcasters want to interview you

On Monday night, I was interviewed by a UK podcaster and at the end of the conversation he asked if I knew any other entrepreneurs he could interview. Um…yes!

Podcasts are such a great avenue to move from unknown to recognised expert. And do you know what is fantastic about podcasters? They need content, all [...]

How to transition from an unknown to expert in your business (podcast)

I was recently interviewed by Nicole Holland for the Business Building Rockstar show on how to transition from an unknown to expert in your business.

In this interview, I share my history as a public relations practitioner, how I overcame personal and societal pressures, as well as my self-growth and ability to understand that it’s [...]

Get inspired by my TEDx talk

It’s so wonderful to reflect on experiences. Today two years ago I did a TEDx talk on a topic close to my heart – overcoming self-limiting beliefs and finding our spotlight moments.

No matter if you are an introvert, extrovert or something in between, many of us struggle to move from the shadows into the [...]

How to go from Unknown to Expert [podcast]

In a recent interview with Caroline Kennedy for the podcast The Honest CEO, I discussed where it all began and how to go from unknown to expert.

In this podcast, I share where and how my personal and professional journey began. This involved sharing how I overcame my fears and self-doubt and how I put [...]

Having a voice and the power of yes [podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Monica Kade from The Moment HQ where I discussed why it’s important to have a voice and the power of saying yes.

In this podcast I share how being an introvert has helped me grow personally and professionally. This involved sharing my personal experiences on how overcoming introversion, using intuition [...]

Overcoming fear of public speaking [podcast]

“The first presentation I did I was in tears. I seriously didn’t think I could do it...It was a self-limiting belief, it was not true. I could do it.”

In an interview with Beth Buelow from The Introverted Entrepreneur podcast, I talk about overcoming my fear of public speaking. Below is the interview transcript where [...]

Where are all the women speakers?

I want to shed light on an issue that impacts women stepping into the spotlight.

The all male speaker line up at conferences and panels. Frankly, it annoys the hell out of me.

Considering how many amazing women there are who want to speak – and are experts – there is simply no excuse for an [...]

5 tips for great public speaking

I very publicly share how public speaking has been a massive challenge for me. I spent many years telling myself that I couldn’t do it, and it was only relatively recently that I realised that this simply wasn’t true.

I chose to overcome my fear and start the process of learning how to present in [...]