Public Relations

How and why to develop your key messages to be the expert in your field

Communication – it's difficult enough to spell and can be even harder to achieve in the real world.

Many professional novelists are secretly astounded at the messages or themes that readers take away from their books. Messages and themes that the author themselves had been quite unaware of.

Creating any message, as any writer, copywriter or [...]

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Learn how to use clever PR and social media to become a recognised expert

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Public relations and social media can be the difference between being a well recognised expert and thought leader in your niche and just [...]

Why PR is Mr Right, Not Mr Right Now

We all know that Mr Right (or Ms Right) is all about love for the long term. PR is just the same!

Public relations is a long-term commitment, it isn’t just one off press releases being pushed out to journalists. Good PR builds the profile, reputation and credibility of a person or business through sustained, [...]