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Accelerate your personal brand with my Personal Branding Action Sheet

There's no doubt it's getting harder and harder to stand out from your competition in this increasingly noisy world. For this reason, it's essential you showcase what makes you unique through your personal brand.

Personal branding is now considered just as important as your business' brand. Your personal brand is your reputation - it's how you market [...]

Being authentic and vulnerable is the best thing I've ever done for my business

Any successful thought leader will tell you sharing useful and interesting information can be powerful in building a positive reputation and solid credibility.  But sometimes just sharing information is not enough and like the old marketing adage says, “You should show not tell”.

This is where the art of storytelling comes in. Storytelling allows you [...]

How to get seen and interviewed by journalists [Podcast]

I was recently interviewed for the Flying Solo podcast on the topic of how to get seen and interviewed by journalists.

You can listen to the audio above, or read the transcript below.

Here's a summary of the main points I covered:

How to get seen by the media

Every entrepreneur has a story – you need to [...]

How to make a freelance journalist fall in love with you

I recently had the pleasure to speak with renowned freelance journalist Nina Hendy while I was in Hobart presenting a workshop on social media.

In this interview I ask her:

What’s the difference between a freelance journalist and a staff journalist?
What is an exclusive pitch and why do freelance journalists love them?
What kinds of pitches really [...]

The Startup Sessions: Building your reputation, your credibility and your profile [Podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Michael Knouse of The Startup Sessions Podcast.

This was a great interview where we spoke about my new book, From Unknown To Expert, and a wide range of topics related to PR, social media and how to build your profile.

The show highlights included:

What it means to step fully into your power [...]

This is why I don’t think self-promotion is a dirty word

Throughout my career one thing that has always struck me is how the idea of putting yourself forward can be incredibly uncomfortable and confronting.

Calling yourself an expert can make people squirm in their seat and they don’t want to be seen as having ‘tickets on themselves’.

Whether it’s a fear of putting yourself forward or [...]

How to create awesome visuals to promote your book

It’s likely you’ve noticed how popular visuals are becoming on social media. People love to comment, like and share beautiful images across many of the social channels.

When my book From Unknown To Expert was published, I knew I wanted to have a powerful visual strategy to promote it and help more people engage with [...]

This one thing helped me go from unknown to speaking at TEDx

I had such an amazing opportunity last week. A dream of mine I’ve had for a long time came true.

That dream was to stand on stage and give a TEDTalk. And last week I stood in front of 500 people at TEDx Macquarie University and gave a talk that was streamed to over 200,000 [...]

TV interview tips: How to rock a TV interview

While I was launching From Unknown To Expert in the US and speaking at the DELL Women’s Entrepreneurs Network annual conference, I was interviewed by CNBC-TV18.

The interview was after I delivered a workshop for four hours, and it was an extended feature interview so I really had to find my second wind and draw [...]

Personal branding is the new marketing. Are you onboard?

It can be hard to get ahead in today’s competitive business environment, but one way to go from unknown to expert and stand out from the crowd is showcasing what makes you unique.

That’s where personal branding comes into the picture. Branding is the art of standing out; a set of characteristics, values or qualities [...]