Public Relations

Is PR still relevant? [Podcast]

Recently I was interviewed by James Schramko from where I shared my tips and strategies on how to use PR to increase visibility and reputation for businesses.

Click on the player below to listen to the podcast.

This was a great interview that focused on the importance of implementing social media and PR for businesses in [...]

4 tips to become an industry influencer

While you may think that being an influencer is something only high profile people can be, it’s not the case. We can all be influencers.

An influencer is someone who is regarded as being in-the-know; someone who others in their industry look to for advice, knowledge and opinions. It’s not about being famous, or the [...]

Skyrocket your start-up with clever PR

Whether you’re in the middle of developing a game-changing app, a new must-have product or savvy service, if you’re in start-up phase, chances are you’re operating on a very lean budget.

So how can you build the profile of your fledgling brand when your budget is so tight?

You guessed it. The media! It’s the quickest [...]

How to position yourself as an expert in your field: Google Hangout with Motivating Mum

I had a great Google Hangout with Alli Price from Motivating Mum on my book From Unknown to Expert as well as tips on personal brand building and raising your profile.

You can watch the full hangout here:

This was a particularly interesting interview for anyone who:

Wants to position themself as an expert in their field
Wants [...]

5 rules for flawless media love

Have you ever had this feeling? You’re scrolling through a news site and you see your competitor being profiled and think, “Why are they in the media and I’m not? They know less than me, but a journalist has interviewed them.”

Argh, so annoying! But you know, the only difference is they most likely got [...]

How to make money from sharing your opinion

I have this habit of reading the news before I get into work. In winter, I get up grab my iPad from the study and get back into bed and read various news sites. I may walk out onto the balcony and take a photo of the sunrise on the way... 😉

This habit makes [...]

Getting inside the mind of a journalist

There can be times when you know you have a great story, know it would be perfect for a certain outlet; so how can you get a journalist to read your media release over the hundreds they get in their inbox every day?

I took this question to one of Australia’s most respected and prolific [...]

Using the media to raise your profile [podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Michele Elmas - Hardy for the Dynamic Business Women Podcast on the topic of using the media to raise your profile.

This was a great interview where we spoke about how to use PR to get noticed by the media and how to build your profile as an expert as [...]

Top 5 Business Award Winning Tips

Receiving that award stamp of approval on your business can be your golden ticket to building your business and reputation, just ask Wealth Enhancers co-founder Sarah Riegelhuth.

Since founding the company in late 2009 with husband Finn Kelly, Wealth Enhancers has received countless recognition including Financial Advisor of the Year at the 2014 Xero Awards [...]

Overcoming the expert’s dilemma with the 5 Star System

The challenge facing many entrepreneurs is figuring out how to overcome the Expert’s Dilemma. I’m sure you have experienced it, I know I certainly have.

Our dilemma goes something like this:

Your is head buzzing with a lot of great information, and yet no clear way to really package it into a clear and compelling message [...]