Public Relations

The power of PR to build trust and reputation [podcast]

“PR can be the difference between getting that next client, or not getting that next client. Or building that reputation for you and to your organisation. It doesn’t just happen that people know what you do and what you stand for.”

This is what I discussed in a podcast with Beth Buelow from The Introverted [...]

The power of asking 'why?' [podcast]

“Figuring out the ‘why’ is, really, understanding why you actually want to do this because moving from unknown to expert is difficult.”

In an interview with Beth Buelow in The Introverted Entrepreneur podcast, I talk about asking ‘why?’ and how it can help with any project you’re working on. Below is a transcript of the [...]

Good PR is all about timing

You may have heard that Prime Minister Turnbull may announce an election as early as June this year. That’s interesting for the nation, but from my perspective this is massive news.

Why? It really impacts the timing for upcoming media pitching and who we will pitch to.

When the election countdown starts, we won’t have access [...]

Getting the media's attention [podcast]

“I think the most critical thing that I want people to understand is that journalists want to speak to you. If you have a story, and you have an interesting product or you’re doing interesting work, they absolutely want to speak to you.”

From the The Introverted Entrepreneur podcast, I talk with Beth Buelow on [...]

5 ways to use PR to get ahead of your competitors

I sat across from an entrepreneur a few days ago who talked about how dramatically her industry had changed in the past few years. She now faces so much competition that she simply doesn’t know how to attract and win new customers.

That’s why she was sitting across from me. The only thing she hadn’t [...]

How to monitor your media mentions

If you are conducting a successful PR strategy then hopefully you will be receiving lots of media coverage.

This means there may be a number of stories written about your business in various media publications online and in print.

It’s important to find all of this media coverage and keep a record of it in order [...]

How to get journalists to call you

The media is a powerful platform that can be used to share your story and expertise. This can help you to build a positive reputation and solid credibility for yourself and your brand… However, getting journalists to call you for an interview isn’t easy.

Let me tell you about a time when I was featured [...]

How to use publicity and marketing for an event

Events are such a great way to showcase your personal brand and connect with the audiences that matter to you. Holding the event is one thing, but getting people to show up and maximise the PR opportunity is a whole other thing!

I wanted to share with you the publicity strategy for my recent solo [...]

How to use clever PR and social media to become a recognised expert [Podcast]

Recently, I was interviewed by Brent Price from where I shared my insights on writing my book From Unknown To Expert and how I became an expert in my field.

Click on the audio bar below to listen to the podcast


In this interview, I shared my tips and strategies on how to bring PR, [...]

Is PR still relevant?

Recently I have heard a few people make the comment that PR is dead; that traditional media is on its last legs, and with it goes the power of PR.

Funnily enough one of the times I heard someone say this, in the next breath he shared a story about how a CEO sent out [...]