Public Relations

My Burnout Blessing [Podcast]

Recently I was interviewed by Celeste Moroney from the Me AfterWork podcast series. In this interview I shared my journey and talk about making the decision to start saying ‘yes’ to life and what I have achieved from doing so.

I shared how I started my career and the challenges I faced, particularly in the [...]

It's time to be authentic and passionate about your personal brand [podcast]

In a recent interview with Catherine Plano for the Femmes D’Inspiration Podcast, I spoke about the need for authenticity, passion, understanding your personal brand and figuring out your why!

I emphasised the need to believe in yourself, be brave and step into the spotlight.

More often than not, women can be their own worst critics, limiting [...]

Stop thinking about it, stop dreaming, seriously just go and do it [podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Neil Ball for The Entrepreneur Way podcast. In this interview, I spoke about my entrepreneurial journey, the secret to success, my business, CP Communications, and how PR and social media can elevate businesses.

I shared how business leaders can go from unknown to recognised expert and how the power of [...]

Why I love PR [podcast]

I love sharing my stories with people and I recently did just that when I was interviewed by Phil Morgan on the Positive Phil Show. On the podcast, I spoke about my passion for public relations (PR) and social media, the importance of personal branding and how to stand out against competitors on and [...]

3 tips for rocking your elevator statement

Ever get stuck when asked what you do? Recently I had a journalist email us to let us know that an interview we had set up for him was a disaster. He said the interviewee couldn’t articulately describe what his company did.

The journalist had to interpret the responses, and it resulted in incorrect information [...]

My personal story, PR and sculptural basketry (interview)

I was recently interviewed by Natascha Moy for the show The Dialogue on Eastside Radio. In this interview, I discuss my life story, what I do in public relations, and my passion for the art form of sculptural basketry.

I share how my personal journey in the public relations industry began, and how the industry has [...]

How to go from Unknown to Expert [podcast]

In a recent interview with Caroline Kennedy for the podcast The Honest CEO, I discussed where it all began and how to go from unknown to expert.

In this podcast, I share where and how my personal and professional journey began. This involved sharing how I overcame my fears and self-doubt and how I put [...]

My favourite podcast interviews

I love doing podcasts. Not my own…but being interviewed on other people’s podcasts. I find them super easy to do. I don’t need to do too much prep, put on makeup, or even leave my office. That’s a win, win, win!

And do you know what is fantastic about podcasters? They need content, all the [...]

Step into the spotlight [podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Shelley Rogers from Maxum Corp for her Inspiring Greatness podcast where I discussed my journey from unknown to expert and stepping into the spotlight.

In this podcast, I share about my passion in social media, public relations and business and how I used them to build my career. This involved [...]

How publicity helped DiffuzeHR build momentum

It’s the chicken and egg scenario so many new businesses face. You need sales to get off the ground but don’t have the funds for big advertising and marketing campaigns.

You’re clever enough to know you need credibility and a great reputation to make sales but have none because you’re just starting out.

Not a great [...]