Personal Branding

Networking hacks for busy people

When I worked from home, I vividly remember walking out my front door into a freezing cold rainy night to go to a networking event.

All I wanted to do was stay at home, but I’d made the commitment to network at least every week to build my business.

It paid off.  I grew my business [...]

Your Personal Branding Secret Weapon: My FREE Networking Resource Guide

As it’s the Year of Your Personal Brand, this month it’s all about networking and I'm kicking off by giving you my Personal Branding Secret Weapon: Networking Resource Guide with bonus list of over 500 Networking Groups – for free!

Go here for your FREE Networking Resource Guide.

The Networking secrets in the Guide are the exact [...]

From Unknown To Expert using the 5 Star System [Podcast]

I was recently interviewed by Ben Fewtrell at the Action Coach business coaching on how to go from unknown to expert.

You can listen to the podcast here.

We all know that it’s no longer enough to simply be great at what you do… you now need to be great at telling people what you do! Along my path [...]

Now is the time to step into the spotlight

Many of us have a tendency to shy away from the spotlight. It might be that we have blocks around standing in our power and putting ourselves forward as experts. Often we would prefer to quietly work in the background and let others be the ones to step forward.

Why? Because it can be scary, [...]

Reputation is the new currency

As a business professional your most prized possession is your reputation. A good reputation can open doors to limitless possibilities where as a bad reputation can make it almost impossible to succeed.

Because of this your reputation needs constant nurturing. Good reputations are earned slowly but can be lost quickly.  With today’s 24 hour news [...]

Accelerate your personal brand with my Personal Branding Action Sheet

There's no doubt it's getting harder and harder to stand out from your competition in this increasingly noisy world. For this reason, it's essential you showcase what makes you unique through your personal brand.

Personal branding is now considered just as important as your business' brand. Your personal brand is your reputation - it's how you market [...]

Being authentic and vulnerable is the best thing I've ever done for my business

Any successful thought leader will tell you sharing useful and interesting information can be powerful in building a positive reputation and solid credibility.  But sometimes just sharing information is not enough and like the old marketing adage says, “You should show not tell”.

This is where the art of storytelling comes in. Storytelling allows you [...]

How to build an online profile that leads to new opportunities

What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone new? You search for them online. You may look at their LinkedIn profile, their company website, blog and maybe even their Facebook profile and Twitter account.

A quick online search of someone can tell you a lot of information and savvy business professionals and entrepreneurs [...]

Personal branding is the new marketing. Are you onboard?

It can be hard to get ahead in today’s competitive business environment, but one way to go from unknown to expert and stand out from the crowd is showcasing what makes you unique.

That’s where personal branding comes into the picture. Branding is the art of standing out; a set of characteristics, values or qualities [...]