Personal Branding

Is Twitter just about sharing what you had for lunch?

I vividly remember my friend saying “You should get on to Twitter”, and my response was “No one wants to know what I ate for lunch”. Yes, I really did say that.

Clearly that was many years ago, and I have since realised that Twitter can be an extraordinarily powerful platform, particularly if you want [...]

How to make a name for yourself and build trust around your business [podcast]

Recently Catriona Pollard was interviewed by Elle Roberts, of the Artful Business Community on how to make a name for yourself and build trust around your business.

You can listen to the podcast here.

This was a great interview that focused on the Catriona's story of becoming an entrepreneur including the challenges, motivations and inspiration for starting [...]

Why a personal brand is critical to business success [podcast]

Recently, I was interviewed by Immik for the Immik Performance Coach Podcast on why a personal brand is critical to business success.

You can listen to the podcast here.

This was a great interview that focused on personal branding and how to use PR and social media to establish yourself as a recognised expert using tips [...]

One of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurial author’s secrets to success

How do you become Australia’s number one small business and entrepreneurial author? Through hard work, taking action and knowing how to deal with the media.

Recently, I asked one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurial authors, Andrew Griffiths, what his secrets where to establishing his profile and claiming the title of Australia’s number one small business [...]

How to amplify your media coverage

I want to share a really powerful tip with you that can make a massive difference to your profile.

I treat many of my media appearances as powerful and shareable content which can be amplified across multiple platforms as well as other media outlets. Let me tell you how.

I’ll go step-by-step how I amped up [...]

Why you need to become a storyteller

So much has changed in the media landscape. Once upon a time, savvy public relations for entrepreneurs meant mastering the art of pitching these stories to the media.

In today's business and media climate, however, you also need to know how to be the storyteller—to own your narrative and share it widely—not just how to [...]

What we can learn from the world’s oldest female bodybuilder

I was flicking through my Facebook feed and came across a story I wouldn’t normally click on, but something intrigued me about it. The title was “Meet The World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder”, which you could easily dismiss as click bait.

I took the bait, and watched the incredible story of Ernestine Shepherd, who at 77 [...]

Top 5 Business Award Winning Tips

Receiving that award stamp of approval on your business can be your golden ticket to building your business and reputation, just ask Wealth Enhancers co-founder Sarah Riegelhuth.

Since founding the company in late 2009 with husband Finn Kelly, Wealth Enhancers has received countless recognition including Financial Advisor of the Year at the 2014 Xero Awards [...]

Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs

I was deeply honoured to be listed in the ‘Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs’ and have the opportunity to tell my entrepreneurial story and vision, in the hope that it inspires women and girls to start a business.

Inspiring Rare Birds, an organisation founded to support women entrepreneurs, has released a book ‘Australia’s 50 Influential [...]

The power of networking with women

I vividly remember the time when I was sitting in my sunroom with my borrowed computer trying to figure out how to find clients for my fledgling business. I turned to networking to connect with people I could do business with.

Not realising at the time, but when I turned up to my first networking [...]