Personal Branding

Personal Branding - When To Say No

I was recently asked to audition for the ABC TV show Gruen, which is all about advertising.

If you haven’t seen the show, it’s pretty bloke heavy, and they are looking for women to join the panel. (I love that the ABC recognise this and are actively recruiting for women to join the show).

I had [...]

How to position yourself as an expert in your field: Google Hangout with Motivating Mum

I had a great Google Hangout with Alli Price from Motivating Mum on my book From Unknown to Expert as well as tips on personal brand building and raising your profile.

You can watch the full hangout here:

This was a particularly interesting interview for anyone who:

Wants to position themself as an expert in their field
Wants [...]

How imagery can help your personal brand go viral

I just love marrying a thought or insight with an image...and if you follow me you can see I share one nearly every day.

I have a very specific idea about how I want people to feel about me when they look at my imagery, and this strategy has worked. It’s gained lots of traction [...]

Non-marketers guide to marketing a book

Many people have ‘write a book’ on their wish list. And once you’ve actually made that leap to write your book and have it published (whether it’s self-published or otherwise), there’s a massive sense of achievement as well as the niggly thought...“What if no one reads my book?”

Well, people do want to read your [...]

The lucrative benefits of being an expert in your field [PODCAST]

Recently I was interviewed by Steven Lewis of Talemaking from Taleist on writing my book From Unknown To Expert, where it’s taken me and what’s coming next.

You can listen to the podcast here:

This was a particularly interesting interview for anyone who is:

Thinking about writing their own business book
Wants to land more speaking opportunities
Wants to get the high [...]

Repairing a damaged personal brand

I was speaking at a conference a few weeks back and someone asked, “How do you repair a damaged personal brand?”

It’s a very interesting, and often complex question.

By far the best strategy for protecting your personal brand is to build a strong reputation that will help you weather any negative feedback others may have [...]

How to overcome the Expert’s Dilemma

We’ve all done it. Questioned our expertise and believed we weren’t worthy of putting our opinion forward, or standing up to be counted.


It’s what I refer to as the Expert’s Dilemma; it goes something like:

Your head is buzzing with a lot of great information yet no obvious way to package it into a clear [...]

How to make money from sharing your opinion

I have this habit of reading the news before I get into work. In winter, I get up grab my iPad from the study and get back into bed and read various news sites. I may walk out onto the balcony and take a photo of the sunrise on the way... 😉

This habit makes [...]

Your ‘moving into the spotlight’ sankalpa

For those who practice yoga, you will know that it’s a tradition to step onto your mat and set a sankalpa; a short affirmation used to bring about positive change.

It’s the short term goal for manifesting your reality.

It’s all about thinking about a value you'd like to bring into your life. So it could [...]

Why you can’t call customers names on your Facebook page

I have done several media interviews recently were journalists have wanted my comments on specific business owners and their behaviour on their business Facebook pages.

I’m not kidding, but one was about an owner who ranted at a customer on their Facebook page calling them something I can’t mention! The customer complained in private message, [...]