Personal Branding

The power of building your personal brand [Podcast]

Recently I was interviewed by Caroline Kennedy for her Empowering Ambitious Women podcast. In this interview I shared my expertise on the power of building your personal brand.

I shared how I started my own business from the ground up 16 years ago, with absolutely no clients and just an idea that I wanted a [...]

Overcoming the challenges that lead to success [Podcast]

Recently, I was interviewed by Emma Franklin Bell and Anna Massie for The Ladies Lounge podcast. In the interview I shared the story of how I built my business from nothing in the sunroom of my apartment and how I got to where I am today.

It didn’t entirely begin in that small sunroom – [...]

Why listening is everything

The other day I caught up with someone who described himself as a great listener. Considering 20 minutes into the ‘conversation’ I hadn’t said a word, his idea about talking and listening was a little screwed up.

It made me think about listening. I believe it’s everything. It can be the difference between getting the [...]

It's time to be authentic and passionate about your personal brand [podcast]

In a recent interview with Catherine Plano for the Femmes D’Inspiration Podcast, I spoke about the need for authenticity, passion, understanding your personal brand and figuring out your why!

I emphasised the need to believe in yourself, be brave and step into the spotlight.

More often than not, women can be their own worst critics, limiting [...]

3 tips for rocking your elevator statement

Ever get stuck when asked what you do? Recently I had a journalist email us to let us know that an interview we had set up for him was a disaster. He said the interviewee couldn’t articulately describe what his company did.

The journalist had to interpret the responses, and it resulted in incorrect information [...]

How to transition from an unknown to expert in your business (podcast)

I was recently interviewed by Nicole Holland for the Business Building Rockstar show on how to transition from an unknown to expert in your business.

In this interview, I share my history as a public relations practitioner, how I overcame personal and societal pressures, as well as my self-growth and ability to understand that it’s [...]

My personal story, PR and sculptural basketry (interview)

I was recently interviewed by Natascha Moy for the show The Dialogue on Eastside Radio. In this interview, I discuss my life story, what I do in public relations, and my passion for the art form of sculptural basketry.

I share how my personal journey in the public relations industry began, and how the industry has [...]

Random acts of kindness

I’ve been thinking about kindness lately. How it relates to our lives and how we can actively use it in business.

I was listening to Linda Burney speak the other day at the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards. If you don’t know her, she is the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to the Australian House [...]

Get inspired by my TEDx talk

It’s so wonderful to reflect on experiences. Today two years ago I did a TEDx talk on a topic close to my heart – overcoming self-limiting beliefs and finding our spotlight moments.

No matter if you are an introvert, extrovert or something in between, many of us struggle to move from the shadows into the [...]

Learning from the original storytellers

You’ve heard me talk about and share different techniques and tactics to tell your stories as an entrepreneur and expert.

I truly believe that every person has stories to tell; stories that share who we are, what we stand for and why others should get to know us.

Recently I watched the wondrous storyteller Auntie Julie [...]