Why Connecting Is The Bee's Knees

I’ve been reminded lately how important it is to be and stay connected with people from all areas of your life.

A few weeks ago I went to “The Gathering”. Sounds like an ancient druid meet up hey, but no. Every two years people who are interested in traditional basketry come together to share techniques [...]

Tapping into online influencers so they can share the love

Online influencers are awesome. Why? Because they have massive communities that you can tap into if you’re clever and the real deal.

By all means create your own community but while you are doing that think about the online influencers who speak to the same audience as you and have already built up an online [...]

How to get the most out of a ho hum event

I go to lots of workshops and conferences, and I must say some are pretty ho hum when it comes to content. It is so disappointing when this happens – and let’s not even mention when the speaker turns up late or is disorganised.

So how can you get your money’s – and time – [...]

Focusing on content and connections in LinkedIn

I have done a bunch of training and speaking about LinkedIn recently and I have noticed two things that keep coming up – content and connections. While it’s great to work on things like your summary and profile, I do think the most critical elements are content and connections.

Think about it... associating your personal [...]

Non-marketers guide to marketing a book

Many people have ‘write a book’ on their wish list. And once you’ve actually made that leap to write your book and have it published (whether it’s self-published or otherwise), there’s a massive sense of achievement as well as the niggly thought...“What if no one reads my book?”

Well, people do want to read your [...]

The power of networking with women

I vividly remember the time when I was sitting in my sunroom with my borrowed computer trying to figure out how to find clients for my fledgling business. I turned to networking to connect with people I could do business with.

Not realising at the time, but when I turned up to my first networking [...]

7 tips to get you networking

Stepping away from the computer, getting changed out of your house clothes (or your pyjamas!), and having the opportunity to have intelligent conversations with people in a similar situation is hugely powerful.

I find that after a great networking session I often walk away feeling more empowered and validated.

When you meet others that share your [...]

Networking hacks for busy people

When I worked from home, I vividly remember walking out my front door into a freezing cold rainy night to go to a networking event.

All I wanted to do was stay at home, but I’d made the commitment to network at least every week to build my business.

It paid off.  I grew my business [...]

Your Personal Branding Secret Weapon: My FREE Networking Resource Guide

As it’s the Year of Your Personal Brand, this month it’s all about networking and I'm kicking off by giving you my Personal Branding Secret Weapon: Networking Resource Guide with bonus list of over 500 Networking Groups – for free!

Go here for your FREE Networking Resource Guide.

The Networking secrets in the Guide are the exact [...]

Reputation is the new currency

As a business professional your most prized possession is your reputation. A good reputation can open doors to limitless possibilities where as a bad reputation can make it almost impossible to succeed.

Because of this your reputation needs constant nurturing. Good reputations are earned slowly but can be lost quickly.  With today’s 24 hour news [...]