4 tips to get motivated

I don’t know about you, but at the start of the year my Facebook feed was awash with motivational quotes and images. I had friends starting the new year with a health kick, launching a new product or just super excited about what the year will bring.

And right about now…some of that motivation is [...]

Tapping into online influencers so they can share the love

Online influencers are awesome. Why? Because they have massive communities that you can tap into if you’re clever and the real deal.

By all means create your own community but while you are doing that think about the online influencers who speak to the same audience as you and have already built up an online [...]

Why Marilyn Monroe got mentoring right

I was watching The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe the other night, and while she wasn’t exactly a feminist icon, she was extremely ambitious.

It occurred to me she did what we now call ‘finding a sponsor and mentor’. It made her career: finding the right people (in her case, powerful men) to put her [...]