Learning from the original storytellers

You’ve heard me talk about and share different techniques and tactics to tell your stories as an entrepreneur and expert.

I truly believe that every person has stories to tell; stories that share who we are, what we stand for and why others should get to know us.

Recently I watched the wondrous storyteller Auntie Julie [...]

It’s time to stop running on autopilot

My parents visited me the other day. Often we go for lunch or coffee, but it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon so we went for a stroll. As we walked my parents remarked on houses, and fences, and trees...a running commentary on our walk.

I have walked past these houses, fences and trees many times [...]

Why solitude is good for business (and your life)

Over Easter I decided to have a holiday on my own. I’m not talking about booking a room at a fancy hotel for a couple of days R&R. I chose to walk about half of the world famous (and gorgeously beautiful) Great Ocean Walk in Victoria on my own.

While I’m a born hiker, I’ve [...]

How I ended up on the Great Ocean Walk with a frothing left shoe

I consider myself a slashie... no not a model/actress but a city/country girl. I love living in the city but I’ll always have a yearning for the country. I notice that if I don’t surround myself with nature every few months it impacts my wellbeing and productivity.

So after a day of meetings in Melbourne, [...]

5 steps to better creativity and imagination

I never knew my lounge room was a stage, my balcony was the wings and my curtains were stage curtains. I just see a lounge room and a balcony but my five year old nephew sees so much more.

My sister and I spent Sunday morning in his dance ensemble, practicing our dancing on the [...]

How swapping my computer for outback telly opened my heart

I’m dusting red sand off my clothes and washing the smell of campfire out of my hair. I’ve just come back from a very special visit to the ‘Red Centre’ where I went camping and hiking in outback Central Australia.

I loved swapping my computer for outback telly (a campfire) and see the wondrous beauty [...]