Recently I was interviewed by Cara Waters from the Bold Business podcast. During this interview I share some of my tips and tricks on making your bricks and mortar store an online business success.

After listening in on part 1 of the podcast with Steven Lewin, owner of Urban Attitude, I timed in and gave my insight on how Steven and many others can boost their traffic and presence both online and in-store.

I talk about the importance of building an online community, how your business can get started on creating an online presence and how to get people walking through the doors of your store.

I also shared my opinion on some of Cara’s burning questions about building a successful bricks and mortar store online from a public relations perspective.

The podcast highlights include;

Part 1 (Steven Lewin)
• What is Urban Attitude.
• His reason for buying a business over starting one.
• The challenges in owning a seasonal business.
• How he assists his customers through an online store.
• What’s next for Urban Attitude.

Part 2 (Me, Catriona Pollard)
• Why going online is a step that every bricks and mortar business owner should take.
• The main differences between bricks and mortar and online businesses.
• The key to building a successful online business.
• The nitty gritty of social media marketing.
• My advice to businesses in paying for SEO. In house vs external sources.
• My tip for creating traffic in bricks and mortar stores.

Listen now to find out how your business can benefit from an online presence.

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