Recently I was interviewed by Loren Bartley and Fiona Redding for the podcast ‘Business Addicts’, where I discussed going from unknown to expert. In the podcast  I shared my tips and tools for overcoming personal limitations and effectively developing your personal brand, as told in my book From Unknown To Expert.

In this podcast I spoke about facing your fears, being true to yourself, and being open to saying “yes” to the opportunities and challenges that can lead you to become an expert in your field. I also encouraged listeners to develop their personal brand, and explain why this is so important.

Listen to the podcast below.

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The podcast highlights include:

  • My five-step system that will help you go from an unknown to the recognised leading expert in your field – regardless of the type of business you’re in
  • What opportunities are available for you today to shine the spotlight on yourself
  • Why your personal brand is important, and how to develop it
  • What you need to do to set the stage to be seen as an expert
  • Why building connections is important, and tips to overcome a fear of networking

I hope you enjoy the podcast and share your thoughts and comments below.






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Catriona Pollard

From Unknown To Expert
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