In a recent interview with Catherine Plano for the Femmes D’Inspiration Podcast, I spoke about the need for authenticity, passion, understanding your personal brand and figuring out your why!

I emphasised the need to believe in yourself, be brave and step into the spotlight.

More often than not, women can be their own worst critics, limiting their opportunities to become recognised experts in a niche market. You need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I also spoke about emotions; anxiety and self-doubt, and why these should not get in the way of telling your stories. The loudest voice may be heard in the room but the boldest has the greatest impact. You don’t need to be a confident and outgoing extrovert to connect with people.

Finding happiness and being passionate about your job was another topic I spoke about. For me, incorporating fun and play into my work environment inspires me and allows me to think outside the box, understanding that there are often more alternatives to problems than what meets the eye.

Listen to the podcast below.


The podcast highlights include:

  • Believing in yourself
  • Finding your joy
  • Stepping into your spotlight and out of your comfort zone
  • Being proactive and making things happen for yourself

I hope you enjoy the podcast and share your thoughts and comments below.






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