Stepping away from the computer, getting changed out of your house clothes (or your pyjamas!), and having the opportunity to have intelligent conversations with people in a similar situation is hugely powerful.

I find that after a great networking session I often walk away feeling more empowered and validated.

When you meet others that share your enthusiasm it can help restore your own vision and passion. And that can only be good for building your personal brand and business.

How are you going with your networking? Is it still on the ‘to do’ list or are you a confident networker building relationships all over town?

If it’s still on your ‘to do’ list, I’m throwing out a challenge.

Here are 7 things you can start doing today!

  1. Reach out to someone you want to have as a contact  and ask them to catch up for coffee
  2. Find a networking event you want to attend, and go  alone
  3. Find 10 new people who you want to build connections  with and add them on LinkedIn
  4. Spend 1 hour thinking about who you are, what you  stand for, what value you offer and what you want to  achieve by building your personal brand
  5. Based on your objectives, spend 1 hour drafting your  personal brand statement, explaining what you do and  what is unique about you
  6. Get out of your house clothes (or pyjamas!) and attend  a networking event
  7. Reconnect with old contacts who you haven’t spoken with in a while

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