I sat across from an entrepreneur a few days ago who talked about how dramatically her industry had changed in the past few years. She now faces so much competition that she simply doesn’t know how to attract and win new customers.

That’s why she was sitting across from me. The only thing she hadn’t tried was public relations.

If you think about it, if you are all on a level playing field and your customers are all getting the same widget or service, why would they buy from you and not a competitor?

What public relations does is tell your stories while also building your reputation and credibility – so people buy the relationship and promise rather than just the service or widget.

Here are some public relations tactics you can use to get a competitive edge.

Monitor your competition
Understand who your competitors are, what they are offering and what type of media coverage they are achieving. This gives you insight, but don’t get fixated on it.

Write expert articles
Writing articles is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and give you an edge against your competition. Your articles must be relevant, engaging and valuable for your target audience.

Provide commentary to the media
Journalists are always on the lookout for new story angles, expert opinions and advice. Providing commentary to the media is an excellent way to demonstrate your own expertise and knowledge in your topic area. This could be as simple as offering a response to an article or pitching yourself to a publication for an interview.

Make the most of speaking opportunities
Speaking at conferences or events is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert with your target audience, build your profile and credibility, and generate brand awareness.

Use case studies to your advantage
Case studies describe a project or client your business has worked with. They give potential customers or clients an insight into how your business operates, and how they can benefit from what your business has to offer.

The power of public relations ultimately lies in its ability to set a business apart. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that can move a business ahead of its competitors.

Here's to seeing you in the spotlight.






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Catriona Pollard

From Unknown To Expert
CP Communications

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