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Public relations and social media can be the difference between being a well recognised expert and thought leader in your niche and just wishing you were.

From Unknown To Expert delivers a comprehensive, step-by-step framework that will skyrocket your personal brand into the role of recognised expert and thought leader.

    Use the proven Unknown To Expert 5 Star System to:

  • Increase sales
  • Get more paid speaking opportunity
  • Win more referrals
  • Gain more credibility and exposure
  • Enable amazing new opportunities that you never even dreamed of

From Unknow to Expert 5 Star System





Catriona developed the 5 Star system over her 20 year career and has been used by thousands of people to become highly paid and sought after experts and thought leaders.

In this vast and competitive media landscape, anyone who wants to be recognised in their field must take ownership of their expertise. From Unknown to Expert is a practical guide to help people gain more exposure, increase sales and enable new career opportunities

In From Unknown to Expert, Catriona Pollard shares her personal story and the challenges she has faced moving from unknown to expert. From this place of authenticity, she encourages people to take action and have the confidence and skills to be the recognised expert they ought to be. Catriona generously reveals the inside knowledge, tools and tactics acquired over 20 years of helping other people get into the spotlight.

This book is perfect for anyone wanting to move from unknown to expert including: entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, CEOs, topic experts, coaches, consultants and anyone wanting to achieve the role of a recognised expert and thought leader in their field.

Packed full of easy to use templates and examples, From Unknown to Expert shares a framework that will give you the confidence and skills to get you the media coverage and community you deserve.

From Unknown To Expert

Fast track your journey from unknown to a recognised expert and thought leader! Buy Catriona’s book From Unknown To Expert: How to use clever PR and social media to become a recognised expert. Click the Add to cart button below to buy the paperback.

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BONUS 32 Action Steps



Receive 32 BONUS Action Steps. Download today.


Media lists with over 5000 media outlets! Real life press releases and media angles that have achieved millions of dollars worth of publicity. So much value for just $97!accel image

Accelerate your outcome by getting the Publicity Acceleration Pack and gain immediate access to  Catriona Pollard’s own personal templates and examples of media pitches, media releases, blog posts, social media calendars and over 5000 media and blogger lists.

These are the very same tools Catriona has personally used to generate millions of dollars worth of media coverage for herself and clients over the past 10 years – so you know it works!

And it’s available for you to take and use, model, copy – basically whatever you need, to help you accelerate your journey from Unknown To Expert.

This will definitely make your life infinitely easier… saving you a ton of time and money..

Buy the Publicity Acceleration Pack at – it’s more than $2000 value for just $97.

Your Publicity Acceleration Pack includes:

  • List of Australian Media Outlets Yes, you get a ready-made list of over 500 media outlets which you can target straight away for media exposure. These include mainstream outlets and specific industry outlets, such as business, hospitality, marketing, mining, women’s interest, retail, health and building and construction.
  • List of Australian Radio and TV Outlets Not only do you get a list of print and online outlets, you get a comprehensive list of TV and radio outlets.
  • List of Australian Bloggers We all know how important bloggers are for getting amazing publicity. We’ve put together comprehensive blogger lists especially for you on topics such as books, bridal, business, fashion, food, lifestyle & design, parenting, photography, travel and women in business.
  • List of USA Media Outlets Over 3,500 outlets! Get access to a comprehensive US media outlet list including mainstream media as well as outlets in automotive, business & finance, entertainment & food, health and lifestyle and so much more.
  • Million Dollar Media Pitch Swipe File Coming up with compelling news angles that gets a journalist so interested they want to write about you is the key to getting amazing publicity. Wish you had access to real media angles that have resulted in millions of dollars worth of publicity? Now you do! Here are 25 REAL life Media Pitches that will rock your world.
  • Million Dollar Media Release Swipe File Want to swipe from the best and get amazing results? Journalists expect you to have a newsworthy angle written in a way they want. Included are 25 REAL Media Releases used to secure over a million dollars in media exposure. They are based on real business scenarios, including a product launch, media invite, new appointment, award win and so much more.
  • From Unknown To Expert Blueprint Just don’t know where to start? I’ve included 11 Essential Templates & Step By Step Guides I wish that I had access to when I was starting out. They will fast track your results and save you from reinventing the wheel. Included are an Article Pitch Template, Blogger Pitch Template, Interview Plans, Social Media Content Calendar, Speaker’s Profile Template and even how to follow up with a journalist, plus so much more.
  • Case Studies Step-by-step REAL life examples of how I used news hooks to get TV and major print coverage.
  • Action Steps Included as a bonus is 32 interactive Action Steps so you can immediately start to gain some traction towards becoming a highly sought after expert.
  • BONUS Video Training on How to Develop Your Personal Brand In this exclusive online training you will learn the strategies and tactics that you must use in order to successfully create and build your personal brand to become an influencer and drive business growth.

That’s more than $2000 value for just $97

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In From Unknown to Expert you’ll get access to Catriona Pollard’s proven Unknown to Expert 5 Star System that will skyrocket you into the spotlight and drive sales.


Catriona Pollard Mentoring

Working directly with Catriona Pollard and her senior team, you’ll learn the science behind getting FREE media coverage that can result in 1000s of dollars’ worth of new business as well as how to get your important messages to the people that matter to you.

This one-on-one coaching is tailored specifically to your individual needs and business. You’ll discover the secrets to getting amazing publicity that you can use for your own business.

We offer a 3 month one-on-one Accelerated Coaching Program that is designed for people who are really serious about building a successful PR and media strategy for themselves and their business.

Learn effective PR strategy including writing media releases and media pitches that get results, how to approach journalists, how to write articles and case studies for the media as well as clever online tactics.

Best of all, you will get personal feedback on your media ideas, media releases and media pitches BEFORE you send them to journalist so you’ll have a much better chance of achieving success.

So if you’re really serious about getting amazing media coverage for yourself and your business, and you’re ready to do the work to uncover your stories and attract amazing new opportunities, this PR and media coaching is what you need.

Catriona and her team will help you build your results driven PR and media strategy under their personal guidance – so you can achieve your dreams.

Catriona also offer's Spotlight Coaching to work through specific Unknown To Expert issues.

For more information read all about it here: PR and Media Mentoring and Coaching.

Becoming a highly regarded voice
in your industry feels amazing!

Now is the greatest time in history to be learning
how to turn your expertise into a platform for creating
the kind of change you want to see in the world.

"At 6:30pm on the 9th November 2010, everything changed for me."

I was making a presentation to a room full of people. I was so nervous. I remember looking at the light shining from the spotlight. There was absolute silence as the audience waited. I looked out to the crowd. I took a breath and I began to speak.

  • And do you know what happened?
  • I realised that I deserved to be in this very spotlight. I wanted people to hear me speak.
  • Because I had something to say. I had so many things to say.
What I had to say could change peoples’ businesses, could help them get more customers, build relationships with interesting people and help them build their profile.
What I had to say could do so many wonderful things for so many people.

Who was I not to stand in the spotlight? Who was I not to share expert information? Who was I not to have a voice

Within Just 12 months of that first nervous and exciting step into the spotlight, everything changed for me and my career, influence, income and passion for what I was doing went from strength to strength.

That’s my goal for you with this book. To give you the step-by-step process for stepping into your own spotlight and for unleashing the kinds of opportunities you may only ever have dreamed of.” Catriona

Catriona Pollard

“Author, From Unknown To Expert”

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PR Coaching

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Learn directly with Catriona in her Accelerated PR and Media Mentoring Coaching Program. One-on-one & tailored - you’ll discover the secrets to getting amazing publicity that you can use for your business. Limited places available.

Acceleration Pack

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Media lists with over 5000 media outlets! Real life press releases and media angles that have achieved millions of dollars worth of publicity. Get more than $2000 worth of my own personal templates, lists and examples for just $97!